Bathroom Mirrors is pleased to present its selection of bathroom mirrors. Our range offers everything from magnified shaving mirrors to vanity mirror cabinets with storage solutions. So whether you want large, decorative wall-mounted glass mirrors or White gloss or beech framed mirrors with lighting allows you to tailor your mirror to your room with its wide range of different sizes and styles.

A new mirror in your bathroom can help to create a fresh new look and if you have a small bathroom a large mirror can help to create a greater sense of space. A new mirror can also provide those all important final details to a new bathroom and bring the look together. With so many mirror designs available you can create the exact look that you want in your bathroom.

A backlit bathroom mirror will create a sense of luxury as well as providing you with useful illumination when shaving or applying make-up. Backlit bathroom mirrors are available in a range of sizes and designs.

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Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are available in an impressive variety of styles and sizes to enhance the design of your bathroom perfectly. Fitting a new mirror provides a cost-effective and easy way to update the look of the bathroom without having a complete refurbishment. A new mirror will also provide those all-important finishing touches too.

If you have a small bathroom a large mirror will bounce the light around to help create the illusion of more space.

Mirrors with lights will provide essential illumination when applying make-up or shaving and create a stylish feature in the bathroom too. Bathroom mirrors now include an array of practical features such as motion sensor or touch sensor technology, where all you need to do to activate the lighting is to touch the sensor or pass you hand over the sensor. Mirrors also feature shaver sockets, digital clocks and demister pads. So a mirror will not only look stylish in the bathroom but can provide a very practical option too.

Mirrored cabinets are a great space-saving solution for the bathroom and provide essential storage space for toiletries. Mirrored cabinets are available in a range of sizes and designs and some feature lights and a shaver socket. Some of our mirrored cabinets have matching bathroom furniture available, which means that you can create a coordinated look and feel to your bathroom.

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