Toilet Brush Holders

Our modern and traditional toilet brush holders and toilet bowl brushes are made from brass and come with a hygienic polished chrome finish. The range comes with matching brush handles, and can be combined with a toilet roll stand for a neat, cost-saving solution.

A toilet brush and holder will not only make a useful addition to your bathroom or cloakroom suite but will help to complete the look too. To help create more floor space why not choose a wall-mounted toilet brush holder, this will provide a neater finish too.

Create a coodinating look with one of our towel rails, soap dishes and toothbrush holders.

Toilet Brush Holders

A toilet brush holder as well as other accessories such as a toilet roll holder, towel rail and soap dish provide the best way to create a neat, organised look to your bathroom or en-suite. Toilet brush holders are available in a choice of designs to blend in with the style of your modern or traditional bathroom and they offer a practical way to clean inside the toilet too.

Toilet brush holders are available in chrome and antique gold finishes. Chrome plated toilet brush holders will help to enhance other chrome items in your bathroom such as the shower and taps. Toilet brush holders in a gold finish provide a different alternative to chrome and enhance a traditional bathroom.

Keep your toilet brush holder looking in great condition by cleaning it often simply by using warm soapy water and then dry with a soft cloth. Try to avoid harsh cleaning products as they can damage the surface.

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