Electric Underfloor Heating

BestBathrooms offers a wide selection of electric underfloor heating mats to fit any sized floor. Our underfloor heating mats can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories or throughout the entire home to provide warmth all year round. Lay beneath tiled floors for space saving and concealed heating across an entire room. ALL MATS COME WITH A 25 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY.

For added economical benefits use the Underfloor Heating Thermostat to program your system at the touch of a button. Our thermostats feature an LCD touch screen display which provides you with a clear and easy to understand indication of what settings are in use. Electric underfloor heating provides a luxurious way to heat your bathroom or kitchen and will feel great to walk on, especially when it's freezing cold outside.

Here you can choose from our complete underfloor heating kits which come with everything you require for easy installation or you can choose from our range of individual heating mats which come in a variety of sizes.

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Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating provides the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home and nothing beats the feeling of walking onto a warm floor, especially when it’s freezing cold outside. Installing electric underfloor heating will feel especially welcoming when fitted beneath tiles in the bathroom, kitchen or conservatory and will create a more welcoming and cosy feel to a space. Electric underfloor heating is particularly ideal for helping to dry out the floor in a wet room.

Electric underfloor heating is easy to install and can be fitted with any type of floor construction, but is much easier to fit if you are installing a new floor from scratch. Underfloor heating can be used with a variety of floor materials such as ceramic and stone tiles and carpets, but if you want to install it under wood, laminate or vinyl it is recommended that you seek professional advice first. Before fitting underfloor heating ensure that the floor is well insulated to prevent any heat loss.

At BestBathrooms.com electric underfloor heating mats are available in a variety of sizes ranging from one to five square meters to suit the space you have. Each heating mat features a 3.6mm cable that has been pre-woven into a glass fibre mesh and is simple to fit. Also, the heating mats can be connected together if you have a spacious area, but just one thermostat is needed to control the heat output of the connected heating mats. Our thermostats are easy to operate and allow you to clearly see what settings are in use, they can also be programmed so the heating turns on and off at allocated times of the day or night. Our thermostats are available with a standard LCD screen and an LCD touch screen.

To ensure of easy and trouble-free installation opt for an electric underfloor heating kit, which comes complete with a thermostat, primer, roller and heating mat.

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