Electric Heated Towel Rails

BestBathroom.com's brand new collection of electric heated bathroom towel rails, finished in high quality chrome plate, includes thermostatic towel warmers and standard fixed output electric towel rails, at the lowest prices to be found online. Install an electric flat heated towel rail in your bathroom, so that you can switch off your central heating during warm weather, but still enjoy the luxury of a warm dry towels, as well as saving money.

Our electric heated towel rails provide a very convenient way in which to heat your bathroom or cloakroom suite all year round, they are available in a range of sizes and you can choose between standard or thermostatic controls. The benefit of opting for a thermostatic electric heated towel rail is that you can easily alter the heat output of the individual towel rail.

An electric heated towel rail will also help to complete the look and feel of your new bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom suite and create a warm and inviting space, they also feature a chrome finish which will look clean and modern. You can be sure of long lasting use too, as all are made to a high quality.

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Heated Towel Rails - Electric Heated Towel Rails

Getting out of the bath or shower to a stack of ready-warmed towels is one of life’s simple pleasures. But with the rising cost of energy bills, it’s becoming increasingly impractical to leave the central heating on for prolonged periods, just to achieve this little luxury.

Thankfully, BestBathrooms.com has the ideal solution, in our terrific range of electric heated towel rails. Now, a warm and welcoming ambience can be achieved in the bathroom without the use of central heating systems. You can control when and for how long you heat the room, without impacting upon room temperature throughout the rest of the house or running up enormous energy bills. Thermostatic electric heated towel rails give you even greater temperature control, with adjustable valves which allow you to change and set the temperature of individual radiators. An electric heated towel rail can also be used in the kitchen as an efficient and conveniently-sized radiator, which will also keep hand towels dry and within easy reach.

Advancements in technology mean that electric heated towel rails now boast heat outputs to rival their central heating counterparts. All towel rails in the BestBathrooms.com collection have high BTU output rates of at least 1000 units per hour, ensuring large bathrooms are heated in minutes, and even the biggest bath towels are kept cosy.

At BestBathrooms.com, we have a diverse range of designs to choose from, in stunning designs that will complement modern, traditional and somewhere-in-between bathrooms, whilst keeping them irresistibly warm. Our flat models are ideal for use in suites with limited floor space, such as the downstairs toilet or the master bedroom en suite, whilst our curved rails make a subtle style statement wherever they are placed. All our rails are finished in highly polished chrome, for a high-end, classic look that will last for years.

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