Heated Towel Rail Valves & Accessories

This category features bathroom radiator valves that are specially designed to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and fully operational fit with our ladder style towel radiators and heated towel rails - all at the lowest prices online. Choose from minimalist bathroom towel rail valves and traditional angled bathroom rad valves.

Here you will also find electric heating elements which allow you to still have your heated towel rail switched on even though your central heating is turned off during the summer months. If you have a traditional towel radiator opt for valves with a crosshead design or if you have a modern heated towel rail choose valves with a minimal design.

All our heated towel rail valves and accessories have been specially designed to complement our range of heated towel rails which ensures of a coordinated look, they are also made to a high quality to ensure of trouble free and long lasting use.

Valves are an essential part of your heated towel rail system; without them, the radiator simply will not function properly.

As an integral part of the heated towel rail, it’s vitally important that the valves you fit are of the highest quality, and look superb.

Which is why, in the BestBathrooms.com range of valves and accessories, you’ll find stylish and functional radiator valves which have been carefully designed to fit with and complement the stunning designer, bar-on-bar and ladder style heated towel rails, maximising their functionality and enhancing their designer style.

If you’ve opted for a traditional towel rail to accompany a traditional-looking suite, our crosshead valves with wheel detail and chrome finish are the perfect choice, whilst contemporary and modern-looking models will be perfectly complemented by a minimalist valve.

Whatever style you choose, our gorgeous valves offer you designer style at an affordable price, and are made to the very highest standards to ensure robustness and longevity once they have been fitted.

To further increase the versatility and usability of your heated towel rail, our accessories collection also includes a choice of electric heating elements and t-pieces, which, when fitted in your heated towel rail, allow the towel warmer to be switched on and fully functioning, even when the central heating is turned off. Discreet and compact, these practical elements offer potential savings on your energy bills and lower energy consumption.

And, for the ultimate in temperature control, the BestBathrooms.com valve collection also includes liquid-filled, thermostatic valves for use with our heated towel rails and radiators.

With prices starting from just £6.99 and almost 20 products to choose from, it’s never been easier to find the perfect valve, which will bring out the best in your heated towel rail, in every aspect.

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