Bathroom Vanity Toilet Units

Save money and create a unified, classy look for your cloakroom, en suite, shower room or bathroom by choosing from our arrangements of vanity sinks and back-to-wall toilet sets storage drawer in a choice of gloss white or beech finish. Or, mix 'n' match units from our full range of bathroom furniture to create a unique arrangement to fit the space you have available.

A vanity unit combined with a cistern furniture unit and a back to wall toilet will provide any bathroom with a neat, seamless look. Our vanity toilet units are available in a wide choice of sizes ranging from 550mm to 1200mm so you can find the right size to fit the space you have. All our vanity units have plenty of storage space for all your toiletries so you can easily create a bathroom that's free from clutter.

Most vanity units have a white gloss finish but some feature a wood finish such a beech, calvados and ebony brown, which is a good way to create a feeling of warmth in your bathroom.

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Vanity Toilet Units

Vanity units combined with cistern base cabinets have become a popular choice for anyone who is updating their bathroom. Vanity toilet units are available in a range of sizes to suit any size of bathroom such as a cloakroom suite or a large family bathroom, they also come in various finishes so you can create a look to suit your exact requirements. Vanity units and cistern base cabinets are available in a gloss white finish, which is a very common choice for creating a bright, spacious feel. A wood finish such as beech or ebony brown provides a very classic look and will create a feeling of warmth to the bathroom.

Vanity toilet units help your bathroom to look neat and the space above the cabinet can be used as extra storage space. A cistern base unit can be fitted to the left or the right of a vanity unit or on its own. Our cistern base units are supplied with a back to wall toilet and a cistern which is concealed in the unit.

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