3 Reasons Why you Should Choose a Designer Radiator

If there were a beauty contest for radiators your ordinary column radiator would not win first prize. Why should that matter? All you want is a radiator to heat your bathroom or living room. There is no reason it should look good.

But if you have an eye for design you will know that a designer radiator can add that extra spark of interest to your room. It will still add warmth whilst also bringing excitement and intrigue to your nest.

Designer radiators are hot

Designer radiators represent the marriage of functionality and aesthetic appeal. These days consumers desire products that not only do what they are supposed to do but they must also look artistically pleasing at the same time.

We would never change our mobile phones if we just wanted a phone. In the same way that an ordinary radiator heats the home your average mobile will still make a call. But we need to upgrade our mobiles so that we own a phone that is sleek, well designed and pleasing on the eye.

There is no reason why this artistic sensibility should not be applied to your radiators. Just think how much better your bathroom will look with a designer radiator on the wall. It could be a permanent advertisement showing off your sense of style and adventure.

Adapt to the space

Perhaps you have a small en-suite bathroom and the basin, shower and toilet are all a bit cramped together and there is not that much room to fit a conventional radiator into the space. This is where a designer radiator can come in to its own.

Because they come in all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes you will probably be able to fit it into your little cubbyhole. If it is an en-suite to a guest bathroom your visitors will certainly be impressed by your stylish radiator.

They are just as efficient as ordinary radiators. Just because they look pretty they work just as hard and will keep you and your family just as warm. They simply look better while they do it than their plainer relatives.

Designer value

Designer goods are usually a lot more expensive. The price tag on that pair of designer jeans will be greater than a normal pair. However, designer radiators need not cost the earth and in some cases they cost the same as a column radiator.

You can get all the designer kudos without the designer cost.

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