4 Luxurious Celebrity Bathrooms (And How To Get Them On A Budget)

Many of us dream of owning our very own luxury bathroom and equally many of us think it is only possible if:

  1. You own a mansion
  2. You’ve got millions sat in the bank
  3. You’re married to a celebrity
  4. You are a celebrity

Feeling bad yet? Oh, hold on. We’ve got more. We’ve scoured the world wide web to bring you some of the most luxurious celebrity bathrooms around and how to achieve them on a not-so-celebrity budget.


courteney cox celebrity bathroom

Taken in her private Malibu retreat, the cabinets and mirror frame are made from a white oak ebonized to give the deep black accents. Ebonized furniture lost the majority of its popularity at the turn of the century but is still often used to create focal pieces within a room. The painting is one drawn by Courteney’s father whilst he was in high school and the seating has been upholstered in a velvet material to exude elegance and comfort.

Get this look:

To achieve this look without breaking the bank, incorporate some clever touches like Courteney by juxtaposing heavy black with crisp white finishes. Monochrome bathrooms are constantly on trend, timeless and dramatic.

Start with an all-white bathroom and steadily add black or grey accessories. The great thing about accessory pieces is that they don’t need to be added all at once, ensuring you can achieve the look on a tight budget.

Don’t overdo it as too much black can look overpowering whilst shrouding the room in darkness so adding in a few grey pieces will counteract the heaviness.

Incorporate light into the room. Use black light fixtures and add in some black countertop pieces such as a dark vase and some black picture frames for any bathroom art work.

Use different materials and finishes to avoid the room looking too clinical.



ralph lauren celebrity bathroom

A perfect example of a luxurious celebrity bathroom, this one overlooks the Central Park reservoir in Manhattan and belongs to fashion designer Ralph Lauren.  Lacquered finishes and reflective surfaces ensure this bathroom is striking and modern. The countertops and floors are made from marble, sourced from the Greek island of Thasos.

Get this look:

Ensure your surfaces are gleaming so incorporate tiles and even mirrored or marble tiles. This look is all about dazzling your guests with a polished and glassy look. Limit your spend by choosing inexpensive porcelain floor tiles and keep toilets and plumbing in the same place.

A square showerhead ensures modernity whilst polished chrome fixtures provide the look with an upscale, glam edge.

Make the most of your mirrors. A large mirror can make a small bathroom look bigger whilst mirrored tiles are a superb substitute for a windowless room.

Mercury glass (or silvered glass) accents such as light shade or candle holders will finish the look.




Transformers director, Michael Bay’s Miami Beach sanctuary gives off an industrial yet luxurious feel. This bathroom includes etched-stone tiles and the tub is made from cast-concrete but the show-stopper is the colossal shower with industrialised shower head and body.  The glass doors reflect the turquoise wall behind ensuring a feeling of calm and serenity as well as including tropical plants to illustrate the feeling of warmth. A perfect contrast.

Get this look:

The industrial look is perfect for the bathroom due to its emphases on sturdy materials and heavy, hard surfaces.

It’s hard to have an industrial bathroom without using galvanized or stainless steel so add some open wire shelving or wire baskets. They are cheap and super easy to install and the irregularity of the wire adds character to the room.

Adding some vintage pieces also works great for this bathroom style, emphasising nostalgia and an antique-feel. Whether it’s some industrial artwork or even a roughed-up, rustic chair the key with this look is to keep patterns to a minimum and make the most out of the intricate details of dull metals.

Think car boot sales, antique or charity shops to keep spending to a minimum but be aware you may have to water proof your items for use in the bathroom.



will ferrell luxurious celebrity bathroom

A laid-back New York City haven, this celebrity bathroom is owned by none other than Hollywood’s leading funnyman, Will Ferrell. The laid back look is complement by using clean, angular lines and classic modern furnishings. The focal point in Will’s bathroom is most definitely the double-head glass shower enclosure, making it look fresh yet elegant. The almost-invisible appearance creates a flowing space making the room seem larger and grander whilst the blue mosaic tiles give off an almost-Scandinavian feel.

Get this look:

Scandinavian décor is simplistic, peaceful and calm. The style makes the most out of natural materials and incorporates plants within the style of the room.

Simplisticity is key here so white walls, cool greys or blue textiles are imperative to the achieving the ambience of a Scandinavian interior. Add highlights by including mosaic tiles on a feature wall, coloured towels and bath mats.

Transform your bathroom into a Scandinavian spa by adding in some plant life. One of the easiest additions to update your bathroom, crisp green plant life in a clear or glass vase really adds to the natural, zen-like vibe.

For more stunning celebrity bathrooms, watch our brand new YouTube video below or click here.

Now it’s over to you! We want to hear from you. Which luxurious celebrity bathroom do you prefer? And why? Just leave a comment in the box below, Facebook or Tweet us with your thoughts.

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