5 reasons to Shower Daily

People should not need a reason to shower. If you have an adolescent son who lives permanently in his baseball cap and seems to have a phobia of water here are some arguments you can make to him to get him under the shower.

You probably get in the shower in the morning just out of habit to clean yourself. But a shower does other things for your body and mind that means a daily shower is a great way to start your day.

Energise your body

If being clean was the be-all and end-all of your early morning cleansing routine then it would make no difference if you had a bath or a shower. In personal hygiene terms it would not matter.

But psychologists have demonstrated that a shower energises our bodies in a way that a bath does not. The physical act of running water can release endorphins to the brain that make you feel better and more energised.

Feel good about yourself

In any important situation you want to be on top of your game. When you are about to face a job interview, a meeting with the boss or a first date you want to be confident that you don’t smell.

Knowing that you are always clean because you shower daily will mean that you can face these stressful situations clear in the knowledge you look great and that you will be emitting the sweet scent of confidence.

Help you to relax

It may seem antithetical to say that a shower will energise and relax you at the same time. In the morning your body is ready to be stimulated in the evening a shower will help your body relax.

Many people say that by having a shower when they get back from work or before they go to bed helps to relieve stress. This is because the muscles are tense at this time of day and the effect of the shower helps you to cool off and loosen up.

Gives you time to think

It is said that the white noise effect of the water blanks out distracting sounds which enables us to think clearer in the shower.

We also think better when we feel relaxed and/or energised. Your morning shower is a great time to plan your day and to order your thoughts.

Simply being clean

The most obvious reason to shower daily is to be clean.

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