A Guide to Small Bathrooms

An estate agent would never describe a bathroom in a property they were selling as being small. They would use words such as compact or bijou. It is felt that potential buyers will be put off if they actually say the bathroom is ‘small’.

Yet your bijou bathroom can punch above its weight with a few clever touches that can make it look bigger. The key is to make sure that you make the most of the space that you have available. You can still make a design statement with a pocket wet room.

Ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy was tiny and yet he became the most powerful man in his land and grabbed a supermodel on the way. Here are some tips on how to make small bathrooms as great as possible.

Making choices about your bathroom

Traditionally a bathroom is made up of bath, toilet and basin. If space is limited you will have to think about installing a shower enclosure instead of having a bath. It will take up less space and enable you to fit more in to your bathroom.

quadrant shower enclosure

Your shower does not have to be a small box. There are some spectacular shower enclosures out there that are eye catching, stylish and modern. Indeed the whole room could become basically a walk-in shower if you wish.

It is also important that you decide to put things in the right places. If you have a door that swings into the bathroom then you need to consider where you are going to put your basin and your toilet. You don’t want to be banged in the back by the door if someone walks in while you are cleaning your teeth.

corner basin

There are toilets and sinks that can be placed in the corner of the room. These will help you to make the most of the space you have available. In addition by having them in the corner your bathroom will look quirky, different and interesting.

Making use of the space you have in your bathroom

How are you going to heat your little lather-room? In an en-suite bathroom you may just need heated towel rails to keep it warm. If the room is slightly bigger than an en-suite then you may need to consider fitting electric underfloor heating.

Heated towel rail

Radiators are great but they do take up a bit of space. In a large bathroom you probably don’t notice them but when space is at a premium you may need to think about heating your room from underneath.

We all know that a mirror will help to make your room look bigger. It is also true that lots of clutter in your bathroom will make it look smaller. Look for clever storage solutions, such as making use of alcoves in the wall for shelves to help maximise the space you have.

Make sure that you paint or decorate your room in a nice light colour. Dark colours will make a small space look even smaller. You don’t just have to go for boring old white you can choose light yellow or blue to keep it bright and light.

When you do come to sell your house the Estate Agent might just simply write “Bathroom”.

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