Avoid Bathroom Disasters

A bathroom disaster is not necessarily one that is peach and avocado (apologies if you bathroom is peach and avocado, beauty is in the eye if the beholder.) Accidents in the bathroom can be far more serious than a clash of colours.

You don’t have to be a health and safety officer with clipboard and a nerdy voice to put your personal health in mind when you visit the bathroom. You will be surprised how many people have come to serious harm whilst going about their daily bathroom business.

Last year there were nearly 5,000 accidents that took place in the bathroom. That is getting on for 15 calamities taking place in the bathroom every day. These are, of course, only the reported incidents there are bound to be far more that take place that are harmful but don’t require professional medical help.

Slip sliding away

As you might expect the most common accident that occurs in the bathroom is slipping. In an environment where you would expect water to be present this is always going to be a danger.

As one steps elegantly out of your roll top bath or shower you must take care as the bath, shower or floor may be slippery. Make sure you have removed any soap, loofah or other potential danger from the bath to prevent falling or slipping as you stand in the bath.

Non-slip mats in the bath and on the bathroom floor can also aid a non-slip exit from the bath. As will handles on the wall, especially if you have elderly relatives who need extra support when entering and exiting the bath.

The first cut is the deepest

It is also common for people to cut themselves in the bathroom. I am not talking here about a little nick when one is shaving. These are serious incisions that have required medical attention.

A number of these accidents are children who have discovered to their cost that a razor is not a plaything. Make sure that all sharp objects as well as any medication you may keep in the bathroom are well out of reach of children.


Nearly five hundred people were struck by a static object in the bathroom.

I suppose if you are half asleep you can easily bang your head on the vanity units or stub your toe on the bath. It is easy to avoid bathroom bumps by keeping your eyes open!


Avoiding accidents is done by simply using your common sense.

Although one poor soul obviously did not have any sense as the statistics show that one person had an accident in the bathroom caused by an explosion.

Either he was messing with his boiler or that was one hell of a curry he ate the previous night!

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