Bathroom Heating – What’s Hot This Autumn

Mention the phrases central heating, boiler and energy and what pops into your head? Maintenance, living costs and a lot more bills! Well what about deluxe, convenient, perhaps even cost saving? In case you haven’t already heard things are hotting up on the home heating scene.

Deluxe Designer Radiators

Traditional radiators remain extremely desirable and are an easy way to add charm to a property, however, if you’re looking for something particularly trendy and sophisticated then you should check out BestBathrooms’ collection of Designer Radiators.

These attractive radiators appear in vertical and horizontal mounting varieties. Vertically fastened radiators are an easy way to help save living space and also act as a focal piece, whereas horizontal installs give a modern-day twist to a well known look. The single and double column arrays in this range allow for a superior choice of heating outputs – as much as 2,304 Watts (7,855 BTUs). Furthermore, there’s also a selection of first-rate finishes from lustrous High Gloss Black, to spectacular Silver and true White.

Convenient Electric Underfloor Heating

As an alternative to radiators there’s underfloor heating. Underfloor Heating is integrated underneath a floor to radiate heat up into a room. This upcoming household luxury is not only a brilliant way for you to put a stop to cold floors in the winter months, it’s a functional space saver, and cost efficient.

Electric underfloor heating operates without the need of a wet central heating system, meaning it is able to heat rooms without having to rely on a boiler. This is perfect for chilly mornings before work as you can heat a room without switching on your central heating system.

This type of heating is also cost efficient because of the way it is installed. Heating mats are fitted directly beneath a floor’s surface so that an even heat is distributed across the entire room. The beauty of this is fast heating with no cold spots.

Additional advantages of an underfloor heating system are the accessories primer, to improve a floors insulation for speedy heating and reduced heat loss, and the BestBathroooms Underfloor Heating Thermostat to set a system’s temperature and operating times.

Cost Saving Solar Panels

To be truly ahead of the home heating trend you’ll have discovered that solar PV is the new must technology. Fitting solar PV panels on a roof generates free electricity for anyone signed up to the UK’s Feed-In Tariff scheme. Combine this renewable energy with electric underfloor heating and you’ll be saving in comfort and style!


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