BestBathrooms Launches Underfloor Heating Kits

For some time now customers at have been able to benefit from the range of electric underfloor heating mats and electric underfloor heating accessories we provide. As a result of the success of this product range we have now launched underfloor heating kits.

Our kits contain everything needed to install a high quality electric underfloor heating system at home. Underfloor heating is the ideal heating solution for bathrooms, cloakrooms, shower rooms and en-suites because it is made to be compatible with tiled, timber and concrete sub-floors.

Heating mats are installed right under a floor’s surface to deliver heat upwards and into a room across its entire surface area. This is brilliant news for anyone with a compact or unconventionally shaped bathroom because unlike radiators, which can be difficult to place, our heating mats can be cut to any size or shape. What’s more underfloor heating solves the problem of cold floors and helps to dry damp bathrooms.

Each of our kits comprise of an underfloor heating mat, roller, underfloor heating thermostat and primer. The size of the mat ranges from 1.0 Sqm – 5.0 Sqm sizes to meet the requirements of any room. The roller is provided to aid the installation process by ensuring the ready to roll mat is laid evenly. The addition or primer adds to the efficiency of a system by creating a layer of insulation. Finally, the thermostat gives full control of a system so you can choose when you want your rooms and floors to be heated and at what temperature at the touch of a button.

To view BestBathrooms’ full range of electric underfloor heating kits click here.

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