Carry out Radiator Maintenance Now

Now that we’re into summer the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about is your central heating system. However, is advising all property owners to carry out any maintenance now while the work will go on unnoticed. Wait until the winter to fix any problems and you may be facing a colder season than expected!

radiatorWhat should I be doing?

It doesn’t matter whether you have column radiators, vertical radiators or designer radiators, while you have the chance it’s a good idea to service yours.

Bleeding your radiators will remove any trapped air and will in turn prevent any cold spots and gurgling noises from occurring. If your radiators are particularly problematic you may wish to have a powerflush done.

Replacing your radiators or fitting a new radiator is a fairly large job which requires the draining down of a central heating system. While the weather is warmer use the time to complete such a job. It will require the switching off of your boiler.

Another relatively large job which you could be getting out of the way now is the balancing of your central heating system. This is when different radiators are emitting different heats.

You may also want to consider insulating any water pipes and having your boiler serviced.



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