Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

As you sit and plan the next improvement to your home you may find yourself writing, “Update the bathroom.” Then you may look at the family finances in this time of austerity and grab your big red pen and cross that out as an option.

Yet you can bring your bathroom up-to-date and improve its look with a few simple touches here and there. You will not have to visit the bank manager to make these improvements and they will help to spruce up your little nest.

toilet and basin

When sunnier financial days do come along you may be able to replace that toilet and basin you inherited when you moved in to your house. Here, though, are some tips on how you can improve your bathing space in the meantime.

Adding colour to your bathroom

Take advantage of a long Bank Holiday weekend by getting a few pots of paint and making a feature out of one of your walls. Feature walls are a great way of changing the way a room looks without having to spend too much money.

If you are bold you could paint it vivid red to really make a difference to your wet room. The room will feel brighter, more exciting and, more importantly, you will have made the space feel fresh and different just by adding some paint to one wall.

mirrored cabinet

With the addition of a new set of brightly coloured towels as well the room will be transformed. A new bathroom mirror will also brighten up the room. If you were to put a number of mirrors on the walls they should invigorate the space as light will positively bounce around the room.

white gloss vanity unit

New vanity units will help to bring a touch of brightness and vitality to your room. If you have a small bathroom the addition of some white units will help to illuminate the space and make it feel bigger.

Super storage and clever design

Is your bathroom full of clutter? Are the shampoo bottles, bath liquids, soap and other bits of ephemera making your room look untidy? Well, they need to be stored away but they way you store them can actually help with the way your bathroom looks.

For instance, you could add some open shelving to one corner of the room. Get some little caskets and give everyone in the family a shelf. They can then put their bathroom bottles and wet room wreckage in their little container.

This bit of bathroom furniture will be something for the family. It will help improve the design of your room as well as clearing away all that unwanted clutter. You may already know this fact but it will also help to identify the most untidy member of your clan.

A bright alternative to your storage problem could be to get some brightly coloured boxes for your posh soaps and sponges. Or bring a taste of the east to your room with ethnic style containers.

Whatever you decide to do you will be happy to know that you can still keep “Update the bathroom” on your list of things to do.

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