The Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2015

With a new year, generally comes a fresh start.

The days where of the ‘one-size-fits all’ bathroom are gone. We are thinking more and more of the bathroom as an extension of our living and working space and therefore designers are carefully considering the bathroom as a hub for creativity and personal style.

In fact, some studies have suggested that we use the bathroom for a range of purposes including taking calls, making purchases online and keeping up to date with social media. In addition, we are spending longer and longer in the bathroom which means these rooms need to be highly individualised and well thought out.

If you are contemplating having a home overhaul this year, it might be worth sticking around to find out what’s hot in terms of bathroom trends for 2015.


Five Hundred Shades of Grey

Whilst traditional white hues are commonplace in many bathroom designs, the National Kitchen and Bath Association found that grey was the fastest growing shade for the bathroom. Grey has been categorised as the colour of intellect, knowledge and wisdom.

Often perceived as long-lasting, classic and sleek or refined, it’s not hard to see why it’s favoured by designers for bathroom design. Grey can be moody, it can be fashionable and elegant but yet it retains an air of finesse and has a cool, collected calm vibe around it.

It’s a perfect neutral shade and can be made to appear as dramatic or as natural as you like. The human eye can see around 500 shades of grey and there are plenty of tones to choose from. For a striking look, go for charcoal grey whereas for something more soft and understated choose an ash or pearl grey.

Alternatively, add a splash of bold colour in amongst the grey hues to create an eye-catching statement.

grey bathroom

Bathe in Gray.
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mink grey bathroom

Dark and Dramatic.
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dark bathroom

Sleek, yet simple.
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grey and red bathroom

Inject a little bit of colour.
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Bigger is Most Definitely Better

Think spacious, freestanding tubs and large walk-in shower enclosures. The world is your oyster when it comes to maximising your bathing space.

Freestanding baths are a design staple for the luxurious bathroom whilst the National Kitchen and Bath Association predicts that sales of standard tubs will decline. The shape of a freestanding bath can also greatly enhance your bathroom space; a curved bath can add a smooth finish to an angular room whereas an angular bath can complement and add depth and sharpness to a structured design.

For those of us who simply don’t add the space for an elegant tub, fear not. A study by Houzz showed that more than four in ten of us are leaving a bathtub out of our master bathroom when remodelling. And that’s because showers are making a huge comeback.

If your layout doesn’t allow for a shower and tub, go for a generously sized walk-in shower with striking features such as rainfall showerhead, thermostatic mixers and hi-tech LED lighting. Whilst you’re at it, you may as well throw a couple of body jets in for good measure, too!


freestanding baths

Dream the day away in a freestanding tub.
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freestanding angular tub

Cutting-edge and modernity are key.
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walk-in shower

Walk this way.
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luxury walk in shower

Understated Luxury.
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Au Naturel

Nature is making a huge comeback, not least because of the increased focus on eco-friendly and sustainable living options. For the natural bathroom, think recycled or reclaimed materials. A cabinet or dresser can be treated and turned into a vanity, whereas recycling materials from your existing bathroom design will ensure you’re not putting anything to waste.

Walls are increasingly featuring natural materials and with the expansion of inkjet technology even wood-effect tiles can be created that can provide an authentic yet much more durable effect.

Earthy materials such as natural stone and ceramic tiles are also big news for 2015. Tiles are a superb, eco-friendly option. What’s more – they are huge for 2015 – whether it’s walls, floors or anything in between. To read more on tiling trends for the coming year please read our previous blog post here.

Indoor plants, particularly those suitable for a warm, humid atmosphere can also help to create that natural spa-type, Zen bathroom many of us long for. Promoting health, well-being and fantastic for the environment, plants themselves are becoming a design staple, not least because of the introduction of focal points such as vertical gardens in bathroom design.


natural bathrooms

At one with nature. The easy way.
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reclaimed bathrooms

Reclaim, recycle and upcycle.
Image Source:

zen bathroom

Zone out in a zen bathroom.
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2014 saw a big increase in demand for underfloor heating and this trend sees no signs of slowing down in 2015 either. In a survey by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, 55% of the interior designers they asked specified underfloor heating as a key design trend.

As many as 80% of Scandinavian homes are heated through underfloor heating – and the UK is catching up fast. Generally considered an eco-friendly alternative to radiators, it may be able to save you money on your heating bills and it makes no demands on wall space though the initial costs of it can be high.

With the world ‘smarter’ than ever and hi-tech gadgets and apps all around, having smart heating is certainly no different. Within a bathroom setting, underfloor heating offers a modern indulgence whilst enhancing the illusion of the bathroom being an extension of a spa-like retreat.


underfloor heating

Ensure your toes-ies are kept toasty.
Image Source:

Feature Lighting

We are thinking more about lighting as an accessory as opposed to an afterthought. The trend for smart, intuitive and engaging lights is set to continue well into 2015 with a focus being on accent lights, feature lights or sensor lights.

Although a continuing trend, it is important to consider lighting carefully. Don’t aim for lighting which is considered too ‘on-trend’. The nature of lighting ensures it will be a feature of you bathroom for a long period of time and is rarely swapped and changed so the lighting needs to stand the test of time.


bathroom lighting trends

Feature and accent lights are in for 2015.
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bathroom lighting

There is a light that never goes out.
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Are you planning on incorporating any of these trends into your bathroom for 2015? Which ones would you choose? Or perhaps you have your own ideas on trends for the coming year? Let us know by leaving a comment, getting in touch via Facebook or Tweeting!

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