How to Create a Child Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom can be a dangerous place. Every year hundreds of children are rushed to A&E because of an accident that has taken place in the bathroom.

You have to make sure that a place of bubbles, splashing, fun and bathroom toys remains a safe environment for your kids. It only takes a moment and suddenly your bathroom can turn from delight to despair.

In proportion to its use the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for children. Hospital statistics show that seventy percent of children injured in the bathroom were the under-fives.

Slipping and falling

With so much water around in a bathroom how can you stop a child from slipping?

You could install a bath with a slip resistant base or you could fit anti-slip mats in your bath and shower.

Both of these are sensible precautions to make but do not forget the bathroom floor. When a child is in a bath there tends to be a lot of splashing about and the floor can get wet.

Put an anti-slip mat on the floor and make sure that your child steps out of the bath on to the mat. People tend to forget that the floor can be just as dangerous as the bath when it comes to slipping in the bathroom.

Scalds and burns

A young child’s skin burns quicker and deeper and at a lower temperature than an adults. Even grown-ups can burn themselves in the bathroom so think how dangerous hot water can be for children.

Make sure that all hot water taps are tightly turned off. If you don’t want to use the old elbow you can get a bath thermometer to make sure that the water is not too hot for your child.

You can also get thermostatic bath taps that make sure that the water that emerges from them is a safe temperature. These taps reduce the risk of scalds.

Obviously, you will be supervising your children in the bathroom at all times. If you are called away you want to know that there is no danger of your child coming into contact with really hot water.

Lock that cupboard

Children can be curious creatures and the last thing you want to happen is for them to get their hands on dangerous medication.

Make sure that any bathroom cabinets or vanity units that contain medication are locked. Also keep out of reach anything electrical devices like hair dryers and shavers.

Bath time should be fun time for kids and by using a bit of common sense it will remain so.

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