How to Create a Coastal Bathroom Theme

There was nothing more exciting when you were a kid than going to the seaside. You would be avidly looking out of the window of the car, train or bus waiting for that first glimpse of the sea. When you got out of your vehicle you would then be able to hear the cry of the seagulls and smell that salty coastal air.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your bathroom could be one big seaside postcard? You could lie back in your roll top bath, close your eyes and remember the days when all you needed to be happy was a bucket, a spade and a bit of sun.

Here are some ideas on how you can turn your bathroom into a coastal paradise.

Be natural

If you want to make your bathroom feel like the seaside then you will have to bring the seaside into your bathroom. This means that you should use natural colours and use actual bits of the seaside in your bathroom.

For instance, next time you are on a beach collect some shells. Clean them and stick them to the splashback of your basin. Arrange attractively coloured pebbles around the room, on shelves and maybe collect a number of them and place them in large glass bottles.

Bathroom shelving

You should use blues and greens to give the feel of the sea and the sky. Even if it rained when you were on holiday as a kid you want your bathroom re-creation to be perpetually sunny. Bring in a sandy texture to your bathroom by introducing wicker or willow bathroom furniture.

The whole space should be light and airy. Make sure it is as bright as possible. Remember you want people to feel like they are in the outdoors so try to ensure that your bathroom feels free, open and fun.

Be nautical

Just by adding in a shower curtain with a seaside theme on it or a pedal bin with fishes on will immediately give your bathroom a nautical feel. Putting seaside postcards or pictures on your walls will brighten up the room.

Round bathroom mirror

A porthole shaped bathroom mirror, a toilet seat with ships on, a pictorial blind depicting a blue sky with a sandy beach and a red deckchair or nautical bathroom wallpaper will all evoke the feeling of being at sea. Blue tiles on the walls and simple brown flooring will give the space that seaside vibe.

The key to a creating a coastal theme is simplicity. You are trying to evoke the simple pleasures you felt as a child being at the seaside. Perhaps you could even put a bucket and spade in the corner of the bathroom.

Modern freestanding bath

If you have the money to spend then a modern freestanding bath could give the impression of a boat out at sea. If you have the artistic skill the wall could be painted to depict a seaside scene that you can view as you relax in your little tub on the waves.

Even if the weather was unkind when you went on those childhood holidays at least in your coastal bathroom you can create a space that, whilst it will be necessarily wet, will also be permanently sunny.

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