How to Save Water in the Bathroom

How much water have you used today? If you had a bath this morning then that is 80 litres down the drain. Every time you flushed the toilet you probably used 13 litres if you have an old loo. If you are one of those people who keeps the tap running when brushing your teeth you will have used about 12 litres.

So in just one visit to the bathroom over 100 litres of water has been used by one person. If the next person uses the same amount then another 100 litres of this precious liquid will be used. For people who deal in old money that is nearly 45 gallons of the stuff gone.

We are used to turning on a tap and water arriving. Yet water is not limitless. Earlier this year there were hosepipe bans in certain parts of the country. Water conservation brings economic as well environmental benefits.

Take a shower

We all love to relax in our roll top bath and simply soak. It is nice to light some candles, listen to some laid back tracks and take it easy as we bathe. If we want to save water we should have a quick shower instead of a bath.

You can get timers for your shower which will limit you to five minutes scrubbing away. It will certainly get you going of a morning if you know that you have to get yourself clean in such a short time.

If you restrict the amount of luxurious bathing you do to a minimum you will probably appreciate it more. You will also be able to lie back and know that your self-sacrifice is doing something to help the planet.

Low flush toilets

The flushing toilet is one of the great inventions. If you have ever gone camping in the middle of nowhere you will know how wonderful it is to use a toilet. Yet they do waste a lot of water with each flush.

It is said that 30% of all the water we use is simply flushed down the loo. A low flush lavatory can reduce the amount of water needed to flush the toilet by up to 60%. They work just as well as your old throne and you don’t need to worry that anything will be left behind.

Saving money

Never mind all this muesli eating green talk you want to know why you should be taking action to cut down water. Unless you have a water meter you probably think that you still pay the same for your water never mind how much you use.

When you use water to clean or to bathe you need to heat it. The energy you use to do this costs you money. If you use less of it then your bills will come down. For instance, reduce water usage by 20 litres a day and that is £25 off your energy bill per year.

If we all got water meters we would all become more aware of the amount of water we actually use. If we just paid for how much liquid we used then we would not turn on our bath taps with such regularity.

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