Modern Hotel-Style Bathroom Ideas

The warmer weather is on its way (we hope) and many people are getting ready for their summer hols. Yet you should not switch off completely when you arrive at your destination as the very place you are staying in could give you inspiration.

Hotels are designed by experts. Hopefully they are created with the comfort of the customer in mind. This means that you can steal ideas from your stay and make your home more stylish in the process.

So as you bounce into your bathroom on the first morning of your break take a good look around the room. You should scrutinise the shower enclosures and review the roll top bath to see if they would fit in with your bathing chamber.

Keeping it simple

The key to good design is to keep it simple. You may have noticed that modern design is uncluttered and the really talented designers do not over-complicate things. These days less is more and that is an idea you can nick for your bathroom.

walk in shower

Modern hotel bathrooms tend be minimalistic. This can be for practical reasons, i.e. they are easier to clean, but they are also made this way to make the room look ultra modern. They want the room to appear clean, sleek and spacious so that you will enjoy spending time in there.

Hotel owners do their market research and they know that people on holiday prefer to have a shower rather than a bath. People want to be sun bathing or exploring the locality during their time away and they don’t want to waste too much of their precious free time.

Some hotel bathrooms these days are based on the Scandinavian wet room. The space will be beautifully tiled and dominated by a powerful shower. It is perfect for getting rid of the sand out of your hair and preparing yourself for some posh nosh in the hotel restaurant.

The details

If you take a good look around your hotel bathroom you will find that the reason that it works is due to the little details. The towel radiators may be imaginatively designed or the storage solutions could be chic and clever.

heated towel rai

All the things that you would never usually notice are specifically designed so that you will not notice them. For instance, they may use wire shelving that is simple and effective. It also looks pretty cool and helps make the room look larger.

Obviously, the big difference between a place of leisure and your home is that there is an invisible person who comes in every day to clear the clutter. Yet you will find that there are plenty of unobtrusive cupboards to store stuff in a hotel bathroom. If you provide the same storage space in your home you never know your family might put things away!

Ask someone to say what they remember most about their stay in a nice hotel and more often than not they will say, “Fluffy towels.” People love the textiles that hostelries provide. Sometimes they can accidentally find their way into visitors’ suitcases.

So if at the moment you can’t quite afford to re-design your bathroom you can always go out and legally get hold of some top quality towels to give your bathroom that five star feel.

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