Planning your Bathroom

You may feel a little giddy at the notion of planning a bathroom. Excitement should reign as you get the chance to put your stamp on the most used room in the home. You should not worry about that blank piece of paper in front of you because before you know it you will probably start to have too many ideas.

It is a well known fact that the two areas of a home that most attract a buyer’s interest are the kitchen and bathroom. If you make a success of your new wet room your house will be a more attractive proposition when it comes to selling up and moving on.

Get inspired

bathroom suite

There are, of course, people who do this for a living. We have all seen the telly programmes where celebrity designers like Sarah Beeny and Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen redesign a home. These shows could give you ideas and advice that will help you.

Hotel bathrooms are designed by pros. If you think back to any visits you have made to any posh hostelries lately you may get some notions about your own bathroom. A visit to a spa hotel may be required just for research purposes you understand.

There are also home style magazines that you could flick through if you are looking for inspiration. These show real people’s bathrooms and you may see a style of wet room that you like and can use as a starting point for your own room.

Decide on a style

roll top bath

Do you want to create a contemporary or traditional space? Do you see yourself lazing in a roll top bath a la Marie Antoinette in a gilded bathroom or do you prefer to go for 21st century minimalism with as little decoration as possible?

Perhaps you want to go for an art deco style with an elegant bathroom mirror and black and white flooring. Fans of Scandinavia may plump for a stylish wooden wet room design complete with electric underfloor heating.

The eclectic may wish to mix and match and create a bathroom that is both traditional and contemporary giving the impression that the room has developed over time.

Decide on the layout

Once you know how it will look you can then have fun deciding where everything will go. The easy way to do this is to make a scale plan of your bathroom and move around bits of paper that will represent your bath, toilet and basin.

Plumbing considerations may make some of the decisions for you but the rest will be up to you. It can be fun to put together your bathroom like a jigsaw and make sure that all the pieces fit together. You will need to think practically and creatively when you decide where everything will go.

For instance, think about the door. If it opens in to the room you need to make sure that the sink is not behind it as people may get an unwanted bang in the back as they complete their morning ablutions.

Check on the law

Your local authority will be able to tell you the regulations you need to follow in your area. If your new bathroom is part of an extension you may need to get planning permission. Make sure that everything is legit before you put pen to paper.

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