Plumbing in a New Basin

If you have read our blog on how to remove a basin, you’d probably also like to know how to install a new one. So here’s a general guideline.

basinTo start, hold your new basin against the wall and pencil on the fixing points. (A second person can help you with this.) Take care to get the height right. Afterwards, lay the basin on the floor and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to see how the taps should be fixed and assembled. Avoid securing the taps to the basin too tightly as this could cause the basin to crack.

Now place the waste outlet into the basin and fix it in place. Some outlets can be secured onto a rubber gasket but others can be laid on sealant. Again check the manufacturer’s guide for the correct method. How the taps are connected will vary. If modern in design they could come with small tail pipes which need to be installed at the same time as the tap. If otherwise it will normally be easier to attach the copper tube (tail pipe) to the taps now. Whatever the method, these pipes can be connected to the supply later.

You can now mount the basin onto the wall and screw it in place. With this done the hot and cold pipes can be fitted to the tail pipe. Finally, at this stage you can attach the waste trap to the waste pipe. Again, you will need to follow the provided instructions to see how to do this correctly.


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