Technology in the Bathroom

We live in the age of the app. Our gadget driven culture is always seeking the new piece of technology that will improve our lives. Everyone wants the latest upgrade and state of the art kit which gets people talking.

It may surprise you to know that you can get gizmos for your bathroom. Electricity and water are not the greatest of bedfellows. They do not get on too well together but these devices are all safe and will help you to make a 21st century bathroom.

Waterproof TVs in your bathroom

If you want to get into a lather while watching your favourite soap while you relax in your roll top bath then you can by installing a waterproof TV. You can soak away and keep up to date with the current goings on in your favourite drama while you bathe.

These tellys are all HD ready and have Freeview installed. You can connect them to Sky as well so you can watch the match from your bath. Make sure you don’t celebrate too wildly when your team scores or you may soak the bathroom.

Hi-fi in your bathroom

Many people have a portable radio in the bathroom that they put on when they are having their morning shower as they get ready for work. A few us will sing along to the tunes that come on thankful that bathroom acoustics always make us sound slightly better.

However, you could add to your bathroom a multi-room hi-fi system. Waterproof speakers can be concealed in the ceiling and your walls. So if you want to do some dirty dancing to your favourite tunes while you get yourself clean you can.

Hi-tech toilet in your bathroom

We are all used to our bath, toilet and basin doing the jobs that we expect of them. We certainly don’t expect our lavatory to act as a home health service.

In Japan you get a loo that will record your weight, body mass index, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It will then beam the results to your computer. You can then monitor the results and if you are worried you can then go and see your doctor.

It may be a bit embarrassing if you have to tell the medic that your toilet warned you that your blood pressure was creeping up a bit.

Talented taps in your bathroom

You may have come across taps that are motion guided and only come on when you move your hand underneath. These clever taps help to reduce water wastage and will give your bathroom a Starship Enterprise vibe.


Yet there are bath taps that are really intelligent. You’ve been for a walk in the country and are really muddy. You need a bath but you have to get round to Aunty Mary’s house and by the time you have got home and run the bath you will be late.

There are taps that you can control from your phone. So you can run your bath on the way back and it will there ready for you to plunge in, watch TV and still get to Aunties on time.

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