The Guide to Wet Rooms

At the moment all the good TV is coming out of Scandinavia. The Killing, Borgen and Wallander have all been terrific series to watch on telly. But we can also thank that part of the world for the idea of the wet room.

In the Nordic countries shower enclosures are not generally used and instead they install a waterproof membrane beneath the floor and behind the wall tiles so that the whole room becomes effectively one big shower cubicle.

Like their television programmes the wet room is becoming increasingly popular in this country. So if you are thinking of turning one of your rooms into a wet room here is a guide on the best way to install one into your home.

Heating the wet room

Wet rooms are generally heated by electric underfloor heating (UFH) systems. People tend to feel that a wet room is bound to be colder than a normal bathroom. With a UFH system in your wet room your feet will be warmer as you step on the floor and the system will help to dry out the room quicker.

electric underfloor heating

Because underfloor heating actually radiates heat around the room you may find it is actually warmer than a traditional bathroom heated by a radiator. Radiators are actually convectors of heat and tend not to distribute the heat as efficiently as a UFH system.

Also the attraction of a wet room is the fact that it looks sleek, clean and neat. Because it is hidden away the underfloor heating will provide your wet room with the modern, flawless feel that you want.

Designing the wet room

Walk in shower enclosure

The most important decision you will have to make when it comes to designing your wet room is the position of the shower. This will affect where everything else is placed within the room so you have to make sure that you put it in the right place.

You can then make a decision about the look and feel of your wet room. Traditionally the style of the room is completely open plan and people tend to go for a cool and clinical design. That means lots of dark tiles to make it look ultra contemporary.

If you want to give your wet room a Scandinavian feel you could encase the room in timber. This will make it feel warmer and more natural than the standard wet room. The wood will need to be sealed properly to protect it from the damp and steamy conditions that will prevail in a wet room.

Benefits of the wet room

The very idea of creating a watertight room may make you think that the creation of a wet room will be too much trouble. However, a wet room could increase the value of your house and it may turn out to be a shrewd thing to do.

Also wet rooms are easier to use for people who are restricted in their movement. Kids love them and you never know your unclean teenager may find that he or she will happily leap under the shower in a trendy wet room.

They don’t take as long to clean either which will give you time to sit down and watch that box-set of The Killing.

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