Tips for Updating your Bathroom

The New Year is nearly upon us when we all make our resolutions. Okay so we usually break them within a couple of weeks but we take that step back in January to think how we can improve ourselves.

Most people vow to lose weight. They want to look better, get fitter. Some people may decide to go to night school and learn something new. The basic desire on January 1st is to develop and upgrade ourselves.

As part of that new lease of life you may want to update your bathroom. Looking at it you may think that the toilet and basin could do with a revamp or the shower needs sharpening up. Here are some tips on how you can refresh your wet room.

Get a new bath

That tub you are used to bathing in may have seen better days. It could be looking a bit worse for wear and old fashioned. Avocado used to be such a fashionable colour. It now looks like a contestant on an eighties game show that you saw as when you flipped the channels on the telly.

What you need to get is a freestanding bath. This will bring your bathroom right up to date. A contemporary oval freestanding bath will act as a focal point for your bathroom whilst adding a groovy vibe to the space.

However, you may be thinking along more traditional lines. Period dramas like Downton Abbey could inspire you to think about a roll top bath. You may imagine yourself elegantly bathing like the lady of the manor in your upmarket bath.

Get a new shower

A stylish shower can add a bit of va-va-voom to any bathroom. When you are waking up in the morning you probably don’t care how trendy your shower looks. If guests come to stay they are bound to notice.

New showers can be more energy efficient than old showers. The big six energy companies are all cranking up their prices this winter so you need to find ways that you can cut back on your energy costs.

Get a walk-in shower enclosure

All the minimalist style gurus out there will be rubbing their beards and salivating over the idea of a walk-in shower enclosure. They are a clean and effective way to add a bit of luxury to your bathroom.

They are ultra-trendy and you will not want to get out of the shower once you have entered your shower enclosure. You can bring a little spa hotel elegance into your bathroom.

Get a new mirror

A new mirror will add new energy to your bathroom. We all know that mirrors in small bathrooms make them feel more spacious because they bounce the light around the room. A glitzy mirror will help you to feel better as you shave or put on your make up before going to work.

It will make you feel like a superstar before you have to go out of the front door and face the rigours of the day.

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