Top of the league Radiators at BestBathrooms

Imagine that there was a league table for radiators. An odd concept admittedly but one that I think will illustrate how fantastic the designer radiators are at

If there were such a thing, our radiators would be right at the top. We have radiators that are champions’ league standard radiators that are as elegant and exciting as the football teams that play in that competition reserved only for the best and most accomplished.

To be at the top you have to have quality. This is a much overused term but when it comes to our designer radiators it is the adjective of choice. Because the word covers both the style and the craftsmanship of an object and for both of these our radiators stand out.

The best football teams are efficient and waste as little energy as possible. The same is true of our designer radiators. They look fantastic and they heat up really quickly. Your room will be the desired temperature in no time and you could, if you wanted, cheer!

If you go now to you will see that you can save money on our designer radiators. A Luxury White Vertical Designer Radiator will not set you back as much as you might think. The shrewdest football managers know good value when they see it and you will recognise it at

But all winning teams need a bit of flair. This is what these designer radiators have in abundance. They are just so impressive to look at that they will be an outstanding feature in whatever room you decide to place them. It is hard to believe that a simple radiator can look so remarkable.

It may be that once you have seen our designer radiators that your radiators may seem more non league than champions’ league. They may lack the sheer style and effectiveness that our designer radiators enjoy.

To turn this analogy round slightly if our designer radiators were footballers then they would be the perfect player. They work hard, won’t let you down, are skilfully made and look wonderful. They possess both durability and beauty, a combination that is hard to resist.

Our designer radiators connect safely and directly into your existing central heating system. Like a good player joining a new team they fit in easily and with little fuss giving you peace of mind.

Most of all you want an assurance that your new signing will stay the course. We give a complete five year guarantee on our designer radiators. So you know how confident we are that they will perform and give you the warmth and enjoyment you require.

You will be over the moon with our designer radiators so take a look at BestBathrooms now!

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