How to Install Bath Fillers and Bath/Shower Mixers

Diagram of bath/shower mixer tap


The model supplied may vary from the image shown. For example, your chosen product may have lever handles or screw down valves, or may, in the case of a bath shower mixer tap, incorporate a cradle to support the handset. Other models have remote brackets to support the handset. Please note that general installation process for all bath filler taps and bath shower mixer taps is the same, and the following guide will take you through the process.

During installation, extra care must be taken to avoid damaging the fitting or its finish.

Prior to installation please ensure all supply pipes have been thoroughly flushed through to remove any debris. The presence of any foreign matter will have a serious effect on ceramic disc valves.

Isolating valves must be fitted in a convenient position to allow future servicing of the fitting.

Bath Filler Tap and Bath/Shower Mixer Tap Installation

Step 1

Turn off the water supply.

Step 2

Remove old fittings.

Step 3

Carefully assemble new fitting on to the bath, ensuring rubber washers or cushions are in place at the base of the fitting.

Step 4

Tighten the back nuts; ensuring equal torque is applied to both nuts.

Step 5

Earth any new pipe work adequately. Seek the advice of a qualified electrician if in any doubt.

Step 6

Connect water supply pipes to the inlet tails of the fitting. Note the hot water supply must connect to the left hand inlet when viewing from the front.

Step 7

Turn the valves to the open position.

Step 8

Open the isolating valves (not supplied).

Bath Filler Tap and Bath/Shower Mixer Tap Aftercare Instructions

To maintain the appearance of your filler or mixer tap fitting, please ensure it is cleaned regularly using a clean soft damp cloth only. Abrasive cleaners or detergents must not be used as they may cause surface deterioration.

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