How To Install an Electric Towel Rail Heating Element

Always switch off the electricity supply at the mains during installation and maintenance. We recommend that the fuse is withdrawn or circuit breaker switched off at the distribution board whilst work is in progress.

The element must be fitted to the towel radiator before mounting the radiator onto the wall.

Step 1

Wrap P.T.F.E tape around the element thread and the blanking plug thread.

Step 2

Check that the o-ring is present on the threaded end of the element.

Step 3

Insert the electric heating element into the chosen side of the towel radiator and tighten it into place.

Step 4

Insert the blanking plug into the open tapping, and tighten it into place.

Step 5

Using a mix of 80:20 Water and Glycol (Anti Freeze) fill towel radiator to 95% level to allow for expansion.

Step 6

Fit the towel radiator to the wall, following the Manufacturers fitting instructions.

Step 7

Connect the element to the mains power using an Approved Fused Connection Unit. The wires should be connected as follows:

  • Blue - NEUTRAL
  • Brown - LIVE
  • Green/Yellow - EARTH


Step 8

The Fused Connection Unit should be fitted with a 5 Amp fuse.

Step 9

Switch on mains supply and test. Open the air vent and allow the towel radiator to heat up. When the operating temperature has been reached close the air vent, the towel radiator is now ready for use.

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